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Latest CSQ Articles

Lift the Sails From Tahiti to Samoa: Hōkūle‘a’s World Wide Voyage

This article is the second installment in a series documenting the historic undertaking of the voyage of Hōkūle‘a around the world over the next three years.Read this article in Hawaiian.

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Oceania’s Indigenous Peoples Rising

As the climate change crisis continues to crash on the shores of the atoll nations, every day Pacific Islanders are challenged to exercise their rights of self-determination. While the lack of defined determinism by developed states could doom the small island developing states to disappear, Indigenous communities, their countries, and global civil society continue to create innovative initiatives illustrating Indigenous island traditional knowledge.

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Latest News

On October 23, 2014, the Shipibo indigenous community of Korin Bari filed a law suit against the Peruvian government for its failure to title its traditional territory resulting in the repeated invasion of community lands by illegal loggers and coca growers threatening the lives of community members who protest.

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Owners of the Water: Conflict and Collaboration Over Rivers ("ö Tede'wa") centers around a protest staged in Nova Xavantina, blocking traffic over a bridge over the Rio das Mortes in Matto Grosso state, central Brazil. Matto Grosso is a biodiverse tropical savanna and Brazil’s largest soy-producing state. The Xavante live primarily in nine small reserves in the Cerrado, “like islands in a sea of soy.”

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