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On July 10 Asociacion Sobriviviencia Cultural brought to a close several fruitful days of radio-to-radio exchange in Alta Verapaz. This project was carried out with the generous support of the Swift Foundation and with volunteers from Radio Planeta in San Marcos, Guatemala. An experienced team of the radio program staff and volunteers collaborated to visit Radio Kamalb’e located in the rural community of Chantaca, Radio Nimlajacoc from the community of Nimlajacoc and Radio Tzuu Talq’a in the community of Chisec.

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On July 9, 2015, during an encounter in Bolivia with Indigenous groups, activists, and Evo Morales--Bolivia’s first Indigenous president, Pope Francis apologized to the Indigenous Peoples of America for the Catholic Church’s role in the brutalities of colonization.

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Indigenous Rights Radio Launches at UN Permanent Forum 2015

’’It’s a powerful means of communication because all of us come from a culture of storytelling.’’

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#SOSBLAKAUSTRALIA: Stop the Forced Closure of Aboriginal Communities

In the early hours of “Black Friday,” March 13, 2015, growing frustrations in the Aboriginal community
had reached a pressure point. After the repeated failure of successive governments to honor Australia’s First Nations at the most basic levels, the perfect storm was brewing. Compounding this, the global lurch to the right under the guise of “austerity” had seemingly become a code-switch of government to normalize racism, bigotry, oppression, and genocide.

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